Alfie Evans: When are parents denied the final say?

[ad_1] Image copyright PA Image caption Protesters tried to storm the Alder Hey hospital entrance The parents of 23-month-old Alfie Evans were embroiled in a lengthy legal challenge against the decision to prevent him from leaving the country for treatment.His death, almost a week after life support was withdrawn, raises painful questions around what happens when doctors and parents disagree about what's best for a child. The toddler had been

France’s protesters revive ghosts of 1968 revolt

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters Image caption Student protests 50 years on: echoes of Paris 1968 but on a smaller scale In France, protest is theatre. And as the half-centenary of May 1968 approaches, it looks like the props are out, the stage-set is getting the final touches, and the actors are once again learning their lines.The few last weeks have permitted certain souls to imagine that President Emmanuel Macron's France

Why you may have been eating insects your whole life

[ad_1] Image copyright Helen Soteriou Image caption All these products contain the natural food colouring carmine, which is made from an insect called cochineal If you are horrified by the thought of eating insects, the bad news is that you have probably done so many, many times.This is because one of the most widely used red food colourings - carmine - is made from crushed up bugs.The insects used to

Five things you might be surprised affect weight

[ad_1] Image caption Jackie (left) and Gillian (right) are twins but have very different BMIs People might think battling obesity is down to sheer willpower, but medical research says otherwise. Here are five potentially surprising factors that can affect your weight, as unearthed by The Truth About Obesity .1. Gut microbesGillian and Jackie are twins - but one weighs over six stone (41kg) more than the other. Prof Tim Spector

Learning to speak Shakespeare like the actors do

[ad_1] Between them Stacey, 14, and Maleeha, 13, speak six languages - now they both speak Shakespeare as well.That's just as well, as the work of the 16th Century dramatist and poet forms as much as a quarter of the marks for some English GCSEs.To do well in this key exam, in which the results are crucial to schools, pupils need to become comfortable with the complex poetry of Elizabethan

TSB: How it all went so wrong for the bank

[ad_1] Image copyright TSB Image caption TSB boss Paul Pester swimming during a charity triathlon last year All surfers know the feeling of being hit hard by a wave, being left bruised and disorientated, and then having to get up and do it all again.TSB chief executive Paul Pester, a fanatical surfer, must have felt much the same each day for the last week.His bank, which has five million customers,

SOS! Will Abba’s new music live up to their legacy?

[ad_1] Image caption Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, and went on to sell hundreds of millions of records It's hard to imagine now but, once upon a time, people hated Abba. Those spangly satin jumpsuits, their Eurovision origins, the wedding disco ubiquity of Dancing Queen - they all conspired to consign Abba to the cheesy-smelling scrapheap of pop.The band were frequently misunderstood as kitsch because they wrote
UK News

Amber Rudd ‘didn’t see’ migrant memo

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Home Secretary Amber Rudd has apologised for not being aware of "specific" migrant removal targets.The Guardian reported a leaked memo dated last year, which suggested she had been informed of those targets.In a series of tweets, Ms Rudd said she had not seen this memo and apologised for not being aware of the objectives.Ms Rudd added she would make a statement to the House of
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Merkel lobbies Trump on trade and Iran

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she will stay in close touch with US President Donald Trump on the Iran nuclear deal, which he could scrap.Mrs Merkel described the 2015 international accord as a "first step" that prevented Tehran from developing nuclear weapons. Mr Trump vowed to never let Iran have nuclear weapons, but would not say if he would consider military force.Mrs Merkel was in

Abba announce first new music since 1982

[ad_1] Image copyright Anders Hanser Publishing Pop group Abba have returned to the studio to record their first new music since the 1980s.The Swedish quartet said the new material was an "unexpected consequence" of their recent decision to put together a "virtual reality" tour."We all four felt that, after some 35 years, it could be fun to join forces again and go into the studio," the band said on Instagram."And