Hedgehogs: Thousands sign petition over rat trap threat

[ad_1] Hedgehog lovers are worried that a rat trap, licensed by the government in England, could harm their spiky friends. Daily Politics reporter Ellie Price met Rebecca Willers at the Shepreth Wildlife Park in Cambridgeshire to hear why 36,000 people have signed a petition to try and get the trap debated in Parliament.More from the Daily and Sunday Politics: Watch full programmes from the last 30 days via BBC iPlayer;

How likely is your e-cigarette to explode?

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption There are three million e-cigarette users in the UK A man in America died when his vape pen exploded, but how dangerous are e-cigarettes?The case has made headlines around the world, and is believed to be the first death caused by vaping products in the US. The man, Tallmadge D'Elia, died at his home in Florida when his device blew up and projected

Smart luggage firms close because of airline battery rules

[ad_1] Image copyright Raden Two smart luggage firms have closed in May, with both blaming changes to airline policies regarding how lithium batteries can be taken on board planes.Raden and Bluesmart said the changes, by several major airlines in December 2017, had made business impossible.The new rules meant that luggage batteries had to be removable. The smart suitcases feature weight sensors, a built-in phone charger and location awareness - but

The little girl who can’t enjoy the summer

[ad_1] Image caption Harper Mitchell Hyslop is not looking forward to the summer An incurable lung condition means a seven-year-old girl may never be able to enjoy the summer.Harper Mitchell Hyslop is the only person in the UK, and possibly in Europe, who suffers from a particular type of children's interstitial lung disease (chILD).Sunny weather makes her ill as her body overheats and leaves her "panting like a dog".Harper carries

US mugshot website owners face criminal charges

[ad_1] Image copyright wademcmillan Image caption Photos are typically taken soon after people are arrested The four alleged owners of a website which publishes photos of people taken soon after they have been arrested, have been arrested themselves.The alleged owners of the website have been accused of extortion and a variety of other crimes.The US-based site asks anyone wanting to have their image removed to hand over a substantial

Iran nuclear deal: EU moves to avoid impact of US sanctions

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters Image caption European companies have invested heavily in Iran's energy sector The EU has begun reviving legislation that will allow European companies to continue doing business with Iran, despite US sanctions, officials say.The so-called "blocking statute" was introduced in 1996 to circumvent US sanctions on Cuba but was never used.An updated version of the measure should be in force before 6 August, when the first sanctions

Airbnb to report homeowners’ income to Danish tax authorities

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Airbnb will automatically report homeowners' income to tax authorities in Denmark under a landmark move.It will make it easier to spot tax evasion by homeowners renting out rooms and properties via the site.Danish tax minister Karsten Lauritzen said the country wants a "sharing economy" to flourish, but on condition taxes are paid.The move - which needs clearance in parliament - comes as several countries try

The Great Escape: Grime ‘saved’ UK rap, says Richard Russell

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Wiley was one of the first grime artists, with groundbreaking tracks like Eskiboy and Ice Rink The record label boss who signed Dizzee Rascal and Wiley says grime saved UK rap. "It was always difficult making rap records in the UK and getting anyone to care," Richard Russell told an audience at Brighton's Great Escape Festival.With rare exceptions like Monie Love and Slick