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Labour anti-Semitism row: Hodge claims Corbyn ‘misled’ her

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Margaret Hodge has written to Jeremy Corbyn about the party's approach to anti-Semitism Jewish Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge has expressed fresh concerns about how her party is handling accusations of anti-Semitism.In a letter to Jeremy Corbyn, she claims she has been misled over assurances that his office was not involved in any disciplinary process."Either you have intentionally misled me or your staff

Nestle and Epic pull YouTube ads over abuse claims

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Kit-Kat maker Nestle is one of several firms that have "paused" YouTube adverts The food giant Nestle and several other big companies have pulled their adverts from YouTube following claims they appeared next to offensive content. It comes after a vlogger accused YouTube of failing to stop a "soft-core paedophilia ring" on its platform.The vlogger said the firm made it easy to find

Sir Philip Green ‘paid employee £1m over harassment claims’

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Sir Philip Green paid a female employee more than £1m to keep quiet after she accused him of kissing and groping her, the Daily Telegraph has reported.The paper said the senior female employee was one of five members of staff who signed gagging orders after being bullied or harassed.It reported a black male executive also received £1m after Sir Philip said he was "throwing spears
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El Salvador election: Nayib Bukele claims presidency

[ad_1] Image copyright EPA Image caption Nayib Bukele and his wife Gabriele de Bukele were cheered by supporters in San Salvador Anti-corruption candidate Nayib Bukele has claimed victory in El Salvador's presidential election.With most votes counted, the former mayor of San Salvador had nearly 53% of the vote with his closest rival, the conservative Carlos Calleja on 32%.Mr Bukele, 37, needed more than 50% of the vote to avoid a

James Watson: Scientist loses titles after claims over race

[ad_1] Image copyright EPA Image caption James Watson, seen here in 2009, apologised in 2007 after making similar remarks Nobel Prize-winning American scientist James Watson has been stripped of his honorary titles after repeating comments about race and intelligence.In a TV programme, the pioneer in DNA studies made a reference to a view that genes cause a difference on average between blacks and whites on IQ tests.Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Is R Kelly’s music being shut down after new abuse claims?

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images John Legend has described him as a "serial" abuser, Lady Gaga has apologised for working with him and Neyo says there's "no excuse" not to "mute R Kelly".For 20 years, the Ignition (Remix) singer has faced numerous accusations of sexual misconduct - with many of the stories alleging he preyed on teenage girls.But the singer has never been convicted and denies any wrongdoing.R Kelly's big

Google chief denies political bias claims

[ad_1] Image copyright EPA Image caption Mr Pichai said Google steered clear of "political bias" Google chief Sundar Pichai has faced accusations of political bias from US politicians.Mr Pichai was being quizzed by members of the House Judiciary Committee about the way his tech firm runs it business. Google was accused of having "programmed" bias against conservative views into its algorithms.Mr Pichai denied the accusation saying he had "issues" with

Brexit: Ministers facing ‘contempt’ claims ahead of big debate

[ad_1] Image copyright AFP MPs are debating whether to find ministers in contempt of Parliament over their decision not to release the full legal advice on the Brexit deal.Opposition parties say by limiting the information released, ministers ignored a binding Commons vote demanding they provided the full advice.Labour's Sir Keir Starmer said they had "wilfully refused to comply".Prime Minister Theresa May will later try to sell her Brexit deal to

Carlos Ghosn denies Nissan misconduct claims

[ad_1] Image copyright AFP Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn has denied misconduct allegations, according to media reports in Japan.Mr Ghosn, seen as a titan of the car industry, was detained by police and dismissed by Nissan last week. Claims against the businessman, who led the Renault-Nissan alliance, include falsely reporting his earnings.Public broadcaster NHK, which first disclosed Mr Ghosn's arrest, reported he had told investigators there was no intention to