James Watson: Scientist loses titles after claims over race

[ad_1] Image copyright EPA Image caption James Watson, seen here in 2009, apologised in 2007 after making similar remarks Nobel Prize-winning American scientist James Watson has been stripped of his honorary titles after repeating comments about race and intelligence.In a TV programme, the pioneer in DNA studies made a reference to a view that genes cause a difference on average between blacks and whites on IQ tests.Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Is R Kelly’s music being shut down after new abuse claims?

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images John Legend has described him as a "serial" abuser, Lady Gaga has apologised for working with him and Neyo says there's "no excuse" not to "mute R Kelly".For 20 years, the Ignition (Remix) singer has faced numerous accusations of sexual misconduct - with many of the stories alleging he preyed on teenage girls.But the singer has never been convicted and denies any wrongdoing.R Kelly's big

Google chief denies political bias claims

[ad_1] Image copyright EPA Image caption Mr Pichai said Google steered clear of "political bias" Google chief Sundar Pichai has faced accusations of political bias from US politicians.Mr Pichai was being quizzed by members of the House Judiciary Committee about the way his tech firm runs it business. Google was accused of having "programmed" bias against conservative views into its algorithms.Mr Pichai denied the accusation saying he had "issues" with

Brexit: Ministers facing ‘contempt’ claims ahead of big debate

[ad_1] Image copyright AFP MPs are debating whether to find ministers in contempt of Parliament over their decision not to release the full legal advice on the Brexit deal.Opposition parties say by limiting the information released, ministers ignored a binding Commons vote demanding they provided the full advice.Labour's Sir Keir Starmer said they had "wilfully refused to comply".Prime Minister Theresa May will later try to sell her Brexit deal to

Carlos Ghosn denies Nissan misconduct claims

[ad_1] Image copyright AFP Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn has denied misconduct allegations, according to media reports in Japan.Mr Ghosn, seen as a titan of the car industry, was detained by police and dismissed by Nissan last week. Claims against the businessman, who led the Renault-Nissan alliance, include falsely reporting his earnings.Public broadcaster NHK, which first disclosed Mr Ghosn's arrest, reported he had told investigators there was no intention to

League of Legends firm sued over workers’ sexism claims

[ad_1] Image copyright Riot Games Image caption Riot's League of Legends is one of the most lucrative video games League of Legends's developer is facing legal action over allegations it paid female employees less than men because of their gender and tolerated sexual harassment.The action against Riot Games is being pursued by one of its former workers as well as a current staff member.It follows investigations by the Los Angeles

Paul Gambaccini secures CPS payout over unfounded abuse claims

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Paul Gambaccini has previously said he was the victim of a "witch hunt" Radio DJ Paul Gambaccini has won damages from prosecutors over unfounded allegations of historical sex offences.The presenter, 69, was arrested in 2013 over a claim he sexually assaulted two teenage boys in the early 1980s. Mr Gambaccini always denied the claims, calling the case "completely fictitious". He spent a year
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Lord Hain defends naming Sir Philip Green over harassment claims

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Sir Philip Green issued a statement saying he "categorically and wholly" denied the allegations Lord Hain has defended naming Sir Philip Green as the businessman a newspaper accused of sexual and racial harassment, saying it was the "right thing to do".A court injunction prevented the Daily Telegraph from identifying the retail tycoon but the peer used parliamentary privilege to name him in the

Bercow calls for independent body to examine Commons bullying claims

[ad_1] Commons Speaker John Bercow has called for an independent body to be set up to investigate allegations of harassment and bullying in Parliament. He told MPs they must learn the lessons of the expenses scandal, which led to external oversight of MPs' claims.The Speaker has faced calls to quit after a report said harassment had been tolerated and concealed for years.Conservative MP Maria Miller told Mr Bercow that "new