Brexit: MPs to debate next steps

[ad_1] Image copyright PA MPs are to debate and vote on the next steps in the Brexit process later, as Theresa May continues to try to get a deal through Parliament.A series of amendments - designed to change the direction of Brexit - will be considered in the debate, which is expected to be a routine procedure.But BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said the PM could be facing another defeat.Some
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Newspaper headlines: May bids to woo Tories before Brexit debate

[ad_1] Image caption The Financial Times is among several papers to lead on Theresa May's decision to back an amendment to her own Brexit deal that would overhaul provisions preventing a hard border with Ireland. The PM has moved to woo moderate Eurosceptic MPs to support her plans, it says. Image caption The Guardian says the chances of the amendment on the "backstop" passing are on a knife-edge because Tory
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Brexit: MPs continue EU withdrawal deal debate

[ad_1] Image copyright PA MPs will continue debating Theresa May's Brexit deal, as she bids to build support for it ahead of Tuesday's vote.Friday will see the third of five days of debate on the EU withdrawal agreement, which has been opposed by more than 100 Conservative MPs.Theresa May called two union leaders on Thursday and has met some Labour MPs in a bid to build support.But Labour Leader Jeremy

Brexit: Ministers facing ‘contempt’ claims ahead of big debate

[ad_1] Image copyright AFP MPs are debating whether to find ministers in contempt of Parliament over their decision not to release the full legal advice on the Brexit deal.Opposition parties say by limiting the information released, ministers ignored a binding Commons vote demanding they provided the full advice.Labour's Sir Keir Starmer said they had "wilfully refused to comply".Prime Minister Theresa May will later try to sell her Brexit deal to
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Brexit debate: Clash over whether BBC or ITV will host debate

[ad_1] Image copyright REUTERS/Henry Nicholls Prime Minister Theresa May has accepted the BBC's offer to take part in a debate on Brexit on Sunday 9 December, two days before MPs vote on her deal. But Labour sources say the party has not yet agreed to take part, with Jeremy Corbyn telling This Morning he preferred ITV's offer.The BBC said it was "delighted" Mrs May had accepted the offer.It added it

Labour conference to debate option of fresh Brexit vote

[ad_1] Image copyright EPA Labour members are to vote on keeping "all options on the table" on Brexit, including possibly campaigning for a new referendum, at their conference.The party's leadership wants a general election allowing Labour to take control of negotiations if it won.However some members want the party to pursue a "people's vote" on Brexit.Shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the BBC he thought any such vote should be on

Debate over Scotland’s schools enters new term

[ad_1] Image copyright PA Scotland's children are returning to school this week with the debate over education in the country set to intensify.The Scottish government wants to focus on its efforts to raise attainment and help disadvantaged children.But unions are set to step up their calls for a 10% pay rise.Meanwhile opposition parties are highlighting teacher recruitment problems and calling for an end to standardised assessments for P1 pupils.The Scottish
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Debate over cash machines hots up

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Debate over the future of ATMs in the UK has intensified ahead of a cut in the fee operators receive from banks.From Sunday, the fee paid each time a cash machine is used will be cut, with further reductions due each year until 2021.Link, which oversees cash machines, has argued that the move is vital for the sustainability of the network.Consumer group Which? claims that
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Nicaragua unrest: Protesters confront Ortega in televised debate

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters Image caption President Daniel Ortega told the meeting he wanted to restore peace Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and opposition groups have traded angry accusations in a televised debate designed to ease weeks of unrest.Mr Ortega said criminals and gang members had infiltrated opposition protest rallies but student activists branded him "a murderer".More than 50 people, mostly students, have been killed in the protests.They began when President