Google and Facebook put ads in child sex abuse discovery apps

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption WhatsApp does not allow users to search for groups in its own app, which led to the creation of other services that did Evidence that adverts for major brands were placed in "child abuse discovery apps" via Google and Facebook's ad networks has led to fresh calls for the tech giants to face tougher regulation.The apps involved used to be available on Google's

Facebook bans mastectomy reconstruction tattoo pictures

[ad_1] Image caption Gemma Winstanley said she relies on Facebook to promote her services A woman who provides nipple tattoos to women who have undergone mastectomies has criticised Facebook for banning pictures of her work.Gemma Winstanley from East Yorkshire carries out the work for free, but last week she was blocked by the social media giant after sharing images online.She said her account was suspended for "displaying sexual content".Facebook said

New Facebook bug exposed millions of photos

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters Facebook has revealed that a software bug exposed the photos of up to 6.8 million users, including pictures they had not posted.It said several third-party apps had access to "a broader set of photos than usual" for 12 days in September.It is the latest in a series of data breaches at the social network, which has faced scrutiny following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.The company said

Facebook chief’s emails exposed by MPs

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images The UK parliament's fake news inquiry has published a cache of seized Facebook documents.The correspondence includes internal emails sent between Mark Zuckerberg and the social network's staff. The emails were obtained from the chief of a software firm that is suing the tech giant.About 250 pages have been published, some of which are marked "highly confidential".Facebook had objected to their release.Damian Collins MP, the chair

Facebook bans the sale of community groups

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Facebook has banned the selling of administration rights for community groups.This follows BBC News uncovering several incidents of group owners being approached about selling their pages.Last month, nearly all 25,000 members of a west London group left in protest after finding out it had been sold by the person running it.One buyer told BBC News they bought groups to promote their own business. They also

Facebook documents seized by MPs investigating privacy breach

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images/Facebook A cache of Facebook documents has been seized by MPs investigating the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.Rarely-used Parliamentary powers were used to demand that the boss of a US software firm hand over the details.The Observer, which first reported the story, said the documents included data about Facebook's privacy controls. Damian Collins, MP, later told the BBC that he believed the documents were "highly relevant" to

Residents revolt over Facebook group ‘sale’

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Members of a London community Facebook group are furious after the rights to run it were sold on to another party not from the area.Group members then became angry at claims that the new administrators wanted them to pay to promote their local businesses to each other.Facebook does not specifically state that "admins" cannot sell their rights but the role is usually voluntary.Local groups exist

Facebook appeals against Cambridge Analytica fine

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Facebook has appealed against a fine imposed on it by the UK's data watchdog after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.The social network says that because the regulator found no evidence that UK users' personal data had been shared inappropriately, the £500,000 penalty was unjustified.Last month, the watchdog said Facebook's failure to make suitable checks on apps and developers amounted to a "serious breach of the law".It

Facebook accused of dark PR tactics

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters/Getty Images Facebook faces a new controversy over alleged tactics it used to discredit its critics, embarrass rival firms and downplay problems at the company.The New York Times has published a wide-ranging account of the methods Facebook and a public relations firm used to "deny and deflect" criticism.The report has led US lawmakers to call for tighter regulation of social networks.Facebook has denied several of the claims.The

Facebook delays mandatory political ad ID checks

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption UK politicians want to quiz Facebook about political ads and disinformation Facebook has delayed plans to make people who buy political adverts verify their identity. In a statement, it said the delay was necessary because some people were trying to "game" its ID system.Weaknesses were exposed by news companies who posed as US politicians, terror groups and other banned organisations. When the initiative