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Newspaper headlines: Hero Leicester City pilot ‘saved hundreds’

[ad_1] Image caption The Daily Mail reports helicopter pilot Eric Swaffer saved lives by steering the helicopter, carrying Leicester City chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, away from crowds before it crashed. The crash killed all five people on board. Image caption The Sun also reports that the pilot of the Leicester City chairman's helicopter saved "fans' lives", saying he steered it away from fans and a hotel. Cameraman Dan Cox called Mr
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Newspaper headlines: ‘Cabinet mutiny’ and DUP pressure on May

[ad_1] Image caption Theresa May is facing a "cabinet mutiny", according to the Sunday Times. The paper says former Brexit Secretary David Davis is calling for ministers to rebel against the PM and her "completely unacceptable" plan for leaving the EU. Image caption DUP leader Arlene Foster believes a no-deal Brexit is now the most likely outcome due to the EU's stance on Northern Ireland, reports the Observer. The paper
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Newspaper headlines: ‘Fergie time’ in Windsor and ‘that kiss’

[ad_1] Image caption Princess Eugenie married her long-term partner Jack Brooksbank at Windsor Castle on Friday and a picture of them outside St George's Chapel dominates the Daily Mail's front page. While the event may not have drawn the crowds seen at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding, the paper says there is "nothing second best about that kiss". Image caption "Fergie time" is the headline on the front
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Newspaper headlines: Novichok suspect named and ‘criminal’ cuts

[ad_1] Image caption The second suspect in the Salisbury poisoning has been "unmasked" as a military doctor working for Russian intelligence, the Times reports. The man was named as Alexander Mishkin by the Bellingcat investigative website, less than a fortnight after they revealed the identity of the other suspect accused of carrying out the nerve agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal. Image caption The Guardian also has a
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Newspaper headlines: Post-Brexit trade and diabetes “scandal”

[ad_1] Image caption The Financial Times leads on an interview with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe. Speaking to the paper he said Japan would welcome Britain to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal "with open arms" after Brexit but urged compromise to avoid a no-deal scenario. Image caption The Times reports Brexiteers have told Theresa May any customs arrangements with the EU must end by the next election in 2022. The
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Newspaper headlines: Group GP appointments and Russia ‘targets teens’

[ad_1] Image caption The Times says the Kremlin is targeting British teenagers through Russian-controlled accounts as part of an online "disinformation campaign". Accounts have posed as Harry Potter fans and used images of celebrities such as actress Emma Watson to gain young followers on social media, the newspaper reports. Image caption The Telegraph reports that patients will be expected to see their GPs in groups of up to 15 under
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Newspaper headlines: Has the Dancing Queen ended austerity?

[ad_1] Image caption Photographs of Theresa May dancing to Abba as she came on stage to deliver her Conservative conference speech appear on most front pages. The Daily Mail says: "Mamma May-a... the PM danced her way back to authority with a bravura speech". Image caption The Times reports the PM's declaration that the decade of austerity is over. But it says a series of costly commitments outlined by the

Two new Scottish newspaper titles launched

[ad_1] Image copyright Newsquest Image caption The double launch means The National and The Herald have now become seven-day operations Two new Scottish newspaper titles, The Herald on Sunday and Sunday National, have published their first editions.The move by owners Newsquest follows the closure of its previous Sunday paper, The Sunday Herald, which shut down after 19 years on 2 September.It means the pro-independence National, launched in the run-up to
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Newspaper headlines: Divorce law change and ‘Boris’ blonde’

[ad_1] Image caption The i weekend leads on "the biggest shake-up in 50 years" for divorce laws. The paper says the move towards "no blame" divorces - where there will be no need to prove adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion or separation - will help stop "toxic marriage breakdowns". Image caption The Times also splashes on the proposed changes to the divorce law in England and Wales, saying the "revolution puts
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Newspaper headlines: Cancer ‘wonder drug’ and ‘Babs heart op’

[ad_1] Newspaper headlines: Cancer 'wonder drug' and 'Babs heart op' By BBC News Staff Image caption The Metro leads on the news a life-saving cancer treatment will be given to young people on the NHS in England after it was fast-tracked for approval. The paper says "wonder drug" Kymriah is among a new generation of treatments and has cured 40% of people with late-stage leukaemia in trials. Image caption The