Mental health patients missing GP appointments ‘at risk’

[ad_1] Image copyright sturti Image caption Deprived patients in affluent areas can find themselves excluded when they miss GP appointments Mental health patients who miss two or more GP appointments within the space of a year are eight times more likely to die in the subsequent 18 months than those who miss none, a study suggests.The University of Glasgow study looked at 274,547 patients with long-term mental health conditions, at

Hospital patients who smoke or drink to be helped to quit

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Smokers and problem drinkers who are admitted to hospital in England will be given help to quit or cut down, to reduce demands on the health service.The measures are part of a long-term plan to be announced over the next few days by NHS England.It said addiction to alcohol and tobacco were two of the biggest causes of ill health and early death.And the right
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Medical device rules need ‘drastic change’ to protect patients

[ad_1] Urgent and drastic changes to the rules around medical devices, such as pacemakers, are needed to protect patients, according to the Royal College of Surgeons. It wants a register of every device in every patient set up so doctors know if new innovations are causing harm.An investigation by 58 media organisations has uncovered patients being given implants that were unsafe.The government said it would look at what changes may

The hospitals that fail to treat patients on time

[ad_1] Image copyright Ridofranz/Getty Images Nearly one in five local hospital services are consistently failing to hit any of their key waiting-time targets, BBC analysis shows.Twenty-nine hospital trusts and boards out of 157 have not hit a single target for a whole year.Northern Ireland is struggling the most - all five trusts have failed their key targets for A&E, cancer and routine operations every time in 2017-18.NHS leaders said the

Dementia patients ‘come alive’ in singing classes

[ad_1] A 90-year-old woman "comes alive" during singing classes for dementia patients, her daughter has said.Pauline Goodger said the sessions in Wollaton, Nottingham, help her mother Alma to access memories of songs she knew in her youth.Patients appear to show improvements in their condition during the classes, according to their families.Research by the University of Nottingham has suggested singing "reaches parts of the brain that other things don't reach".You can

Dentists say fines deterring poor patients

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images The British Dental Association says a "huge fall" in people on low incomes going to the dentist in England is because they fear being wrongly fined when they claim for free treatment.The most recent annual figures show almost 370,000 fines for people accused of "misclaiming" for free dental care.But dentists say many of these are innocent confusions over paperwork and that many are overturned when

Poor hospital discharge process puts patients ‘at risk’

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A report describes a "fragmented approach" being taken around Wales with no national policy Patients are being put at risk because of a lack of staff awareness about discharging them from hospital, a report has said.Terminally ill patients with days left to live are among those this has impacted on, it said.The Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) report said "significant attention" was needed at

Muckamore Hospital: Five patients assaulted by staff

[ad_1] Image copyright PAcemaker Image caption The hospital cares for adults with intellectual disabilities, behavioural or mental health problems Five vulnerable patients were assaulted by staff at Muckamore Abbey Hospital between 2014 and 2017, BBC News NI can reveal.The hospital provides care to adults with intellectual disabilities and behavioural and mental health issues.Since November 2017, 13 members of staff have been suspended after ill-treatment allegations.It is not known if the

Gosport hospital deaths: Nurses were ‘making patients comfortable’

[ad_1] Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionGosport nurse: 'I didn't feel we were killing them'A nurse who worked at a hospital where more than 450 patients died after being prescribed dangerous doses of painkilling drugs has said staff were trying to make them "comfortable".The patients were given the drugs inappropriately at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital, a report concluded.The nurse, who does not wish to be identified,