Asthma: Young people in the UK ‘more likely to die’

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Young people in the UK are more likely to die from asthma than those in other wealthy countries, a report has found.Death rates for asthma in 10 to 24-year-olds was highest in the UK among all 14 European nations included in an analysis of 19 high-income countries.The UK also had the highest obesity rates for 15 to 19-year-olds among the European nations.The government said it
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SeaWorld rescue: People trapped on ride in San Diego

[ad_1] Image copyright SDFD Image caption Firefighters released a photo of the malfunctioning gondola ride More than a dozen people trapped on a ride are being rescued at the SeaWorld amusement park in San Diego. Around six gondolas stopped functioning on Monday night after a gust of wind tripped a circuit breaker on the Bayside Skyride, police in the US city told FOX5 News. Some 16 people were trapped on

‘People use storage for life events’

[ad_1] Anthony Paine started his online business Stashbee to connect people who need storage space with people who have space to spare. Initially, he thought it would be a simple "click and buy" business - similar to other services in the sharing economy like Uber or AirBnB. But what he found was that people who need storage are often facing particular issues or crises in their lives, such as a

‘If you hire the wrong people they can bleed you dry’

[ad_1] What are the dangers to your company if you pick the wrong team of managers? It could come close to meltdown. That's what happened to the Anglo-American start-up WANdisco. Founder and CEO David Richards recruited directors from the world's most prestigious tech corporations, but they started spending far more than his firm could afford. Video journalist: Jeremy HowellSee more at CEO Secrets. [ad_2] Source link

Brexit: Lord Hattersley says people should get vote on PM’s deal

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Lord Hattersley has said that leaving the European Union would be a "disaster" Former Labour deputy leader Roy Hattersley has said he supports another Brexit referendum "very strongly". The politician said Britons have "a right" to have their say on Theresa May's Brexit deal, which goes to a vote in the Commons on Tuesday. A People's Vote event has been held in Sheffield,

Christmas Day divorce: 13 people completed online applications

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Thirteen people filed for divorce on Christmas Day in England and Wales, official figures show.They were among 455 online divorce applications submitted to HM Courts & Tribunals Service between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day.Twenty-six people submitted applications on Christmas Eve, 23 on Boxing Day and 77 on New Year's Day.Since April 2018 spouses have been able to complete the divorce application process using the

Do autistic people ‘get’ jokes?

[ad_1] Originally dubbed "little professors" by Viennese paediatrician Hans Asperger, autistic people have often been thought to be a rather serious bunch. So do autistic people even have a sense of humour? A new BBC podcast, 1800 Seconds on Autism, aims to dispel that no-humour myth, among other assumptions - with razor-sharp wit running through it. The first time you heard that random joke, "What's brown and sticky?" did you
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Darnall crash: Man admits killing four people in smash

[ad_1] Image copyright South Yorkshire Police Image caption Brothers Declan (left) and Elliott Bower appeared at Sheffield Crown Court A man has admitted killing four people, including a toddler, in a crash while being pursued by police.Elliott Bower, 18, was driving a Volkswagen Golf when it smashed into another car in Sheffield last month.Adnan Ashraf Jarral, 35, his 16-month-old son Mohammed Osman Mustafa Bin Adnan, and Vlasta Dunova, 41, and
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France fuel protests: Who are the people in the yellow vests?

[ad_1] Valerie Casanova is a "yellow vest". She is one of thousands who have been protesting against President Macron's controversial fuel tax.At the roadblock, Ms Casanova says they're all the same. Nobody asks what job each other does or which way they lean politically.And at home she says her family has "no choice" but to rely on cars to get anywhere from their home in the countryside.In recent days, President

Unconditional offers used to ‘get people through door’

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Some universities are recruiting students with unconditional offers during the application process, says the university admissions service Ucas.They are telling students that A-level grade requirements will be dropped completely if they put the university down as their first choice.It comes as new Ucas figures show one-third of applicants aged 18 received an unconditional offer last year.England's Education Secretary Damian Hinds said the news was "disturbing".He