Trump targets India and Turkey in trade crackdown

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images The US intends to terminate India's preferential trade treatment under a scheme which allows certain products from the country to enter the US duty-free.President Donald Trump said India has failed to assure the US it will provide reasonable access to its markets. The US will also end preferential trade treatment for Turkey, on the basis that it no longer qualifies for the scheme. It comes
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UK-US trade deal: Envoy attacks ‘myths’ about US farming

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Fears over chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-fed beef are "myths", according to the US ambassador to the UK.Writing in the Telegraph, Woody Johnson urged the UK to embrace US farming methods after Washington published its objectives for a UK-US trade deal.EU rules currently limit US exports of certain food products, including chicken and beef - but Mr Johnson wants that to change in the UK after

Trade war: Trump ‘could extend’ deadline for deal with China

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images US President Donald Trump has said he could extend the 1 March deadline to reach a trade deal with China if they are making good progress.Chinese and US officials will hold high-level talks this week aimed at halting their damaging trade war. US officials previously said 1 March was a hard deadline for achieving a deal to avert further tariffs.Both countries have imposed duties on

China hails ‘important progress’ in US trade talks

[ad_1] Image copyright EPA Image caption Vice Premier Liu He and President Donald Trump talk to the press about trade China's trade delegation says it made "important progress" in the latest round of talks with the US, China's state media reports.At the end of a two-day meeting in Washington, China pledged to purchase an additional five million tonnes of US soy beans. US President Donald Trump touted the promise as

Shark on UK plates highlights trade in endangered species

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Spiny dogfish shark landed in Indonesia Meat from endangered sharks is finding its way on to the British menu, according to a study. DNA tests show that shark products destined for restaurants include two species vulnerable to extinction. Consumers may be unaware what shark they are eating - and whether it is from a sustainable population, British scientists say.The UK is playing a

Brexit: How many trade deals has the UK done?

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images As a European Union member, the UK is part of about 40 trade agreements which the union has with more than 70 countries. If the UK leaves the EU in a no-deal Brexit on 29 March, it will immediately lose these deals. Last year, the UK government said it wanted to replicate the EU's trade agreements "as far as possible" and have them ready to

Brexit: Liam Fox yet to seal no-deal trade agreements

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters The UK has yet to finalise agreements to replace existing free trade deals the EU has with 40 big economies if there is a no-deal Brexit.International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said he "hoped" they would but it depended on whether other countries were "willing to put the work in".He said more deals were coming, after signing one with Australia.Concerns have been raised that the UK will
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How the global trade in tear gas is booming

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters Image caption Tear gas was fired at migrants by both Mexican and US authorities last month When the US border control agents used tear gas against migrants seeking asylum at the southern border, it was a high-profile incident in a decade that has seen rising use of tear gas around the world. On the surface, Noor Noor and Terry Burns don't have much in common. The
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G20: Talks between Trump and Xi ‘go well’ amid trade tensions

[ad_1] Image copyright Reuters Image caption Mr Trump (front right) last met Mr Xi (front left) last year Donald Trump has met China's President Xi Jinping for nearly two and a half hours in their first talks since a trade war erupted earlier this year.Trump adviser Larry Kudlow said the meeting, a working dinner after the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, had gone "very well" without giving details.A Chinese journalist

Trump signs trade deal with Mexico and Canada

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The revised deal has been renamed as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA. US President Donald Trump and leaders from Canada and Mexico have signed the successor to the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta).The revised deal has been renamed as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA.Renegotiating Nafta was a key pledge of Mr Trump's 2016 White House campaign. The US President claimed