University ‘grade inflation’ to be tackled as first-class degrees rise

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption More than a quarter of students are now graduating with a first-class degree A surge in the number of first-class degrees awarded at university has led the government to bring in measures to tackle so-called grade inflation.Figures suggest that degrees are being "marked up", meaning students are leaving with a higher grade than a comparable student in previous years.A government rating system introduced
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Losing friends, moving home and being broke – life after university

[ad_1] Image copyright Other Image caption Kevin Broch left university with a short feeling of relief and a sense of achievement, followed by a long feeling of being lost It's the end of university and, if luck is on your side, you have had the best three years of your life. The nightlife has been amazing; you've made lots of new, life-long friends, as well as spending hours in the

University bosses call for ban on essay-writing companies

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images More than 40 university bosses have written to the education secretary calling for so-called essay mill companies to be banned.Some students pay for bespoke, original assignments - which cannot easily be detected by anti-plagiarism software.But the letter says these essay-writing services should be targeted rather than those who pay for their services.Such services undermine the integrity of higher education and are unfair to honest, diligent

Baghdad University makes global ranking

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Iraq's universities have been part of its post-war reconstruction Iraq's biggest university has entered the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for the first time.The University of Baghdad, emerging from Iraq's conflicts, has appeared in the rankings of the top 1,250 research universities around the world.It was praised for building up international academic partnerships.Oxford University is in first place for a third consecutive

Students blamed for university and college cyber-attacks

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images A security analysis of cyber-attacks against universities and colleges in the UK has discovered staff or students could often be responsible, rather than organised crime or hacking groups.A government-funded agency that provides cyber-security has examined the timing of 850 attacks in 2017-18.Jisc found a "clear pattern" of attacks being concentrated during term times and during the working day.When the holidays begin, "the number of attacks

Does University Challenge need ‘gender neutral’ questions?

[ad_1] Image copyright Lesley-Anne Brewis Image caption Girls are often brought up not to be show-offs, says Lesley-Anne Brewis University Challenge is to focus on posing "gender neutral" questions, says the BBC Two show's executive producer.Speaking to the Radio Times Peter Gwyn said: "Questions should never sound as if they are directed more at men than women."But what is a gender neutral question?"It is not about a feminist drive," says
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Dinosaur DNA clues unpicked by researchers at Kent University

[ad_1] British scientists say they have pieced together what dinosaur DNA looks like.The researchers at Kent University say their work uncovers the genetic secret responsible for why dinosaurs came in such a variety of shapes and sizes.This variation helped the creatures evolve quickly in response to a changing environment - helping them to dominate Earth for 180 million years.But the researchers behind the DNA work say they have no plans

Facebook apologises for blocking Prager University’s videos

[ad_1] Image copyright Facebook Image caption PragerU accused Facebook of "ratcheting up their algorithms" against conservative content Facebook has apologised for removing several videos posted to its platform by a US right-wing non-profit group.Prager University had said some of the clips had been falsely accused of containing hate speech.The conservative organisation specialises in publishing short lectures and discussions, but is not an accredited academic body.Facebook said it had made a