Black applicants ‘face more university fraud claims’

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Creative Image caption Around 9% of students applying to universities are black Black students are more likely to have their university applications flagged for potential fraud or errors than any other ethnic group, according to data from the Ucas admissions service.Of the 5,160 forms flagged between 2013 and 2017, 52% were from black students.Ucas said it was unclear why this is the case and it would

University of Southern California president quits in gynaecology scandal

[ad_1] Image copyright AFP Image caption The gynaecologist in the case worked at the university for 30 years The president of the University of Southern California (USC) has quit amid a scandal over the alleged actions of a former college gynaecologist.CL Max Nikias has agreed to step down, with the university facing several lawsuits and accusations of a cover up.The lawsuits accuse George Tyndall, who worked at a university clinic

Oxford University ‘failing’ on diversity, says Lammy

[ad_1] Image copyright PA Image caption David Lammy has accused the university of "social apartheid" before Oxford University remains "a bastion of white, middleclass, Southern privilege" after "glacial" progress on improving diversity, David Lammy has said. The Labour MP told the BBC the university was "failing badly".His comments came as Oxford University data revealed about a third of its colleges accepted three or fewer black applicants, in the past three

Greenwich University fined £120,000 for data breach

[ad_1] Image copyright University of Greenwich The University of Greenwich has been fined £120,000 ($160,000) by the Information Commissioner.The fine was for a security breach in which the personal data of 19,500 students was placed online.The data included names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, signatures and - in some cases - physical and mental health problems.It was uploaded onto a microsite for a training conference in 2004, which was

University racism ‘complacency’ warning – BBC News

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption There are warnings universities do not see the "day-to-day racism" on campus Universities are being accused of "complacency" over a lack of senior black academics and lower achievement among ethnic minority students.Baroness Amos, the UK's first black woman university head, says there are "deep-seated prejudices and stereotypes which need to be overcome"."Not even 1% of UK professors are black," she will tell a
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University of Warwick suspends 11 students over rape jokes

[ad_1] Image copyright Google Image caption The University of Warwick is ranked 11th in the UK, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018 Eleven students have been suspended from the University of Warwick after rape jokes made in a group chat emerged.Student online papers The Tab and The Boar obtained screenshots from a group message, with one talking about raping "100 girls".The Boar says 98 screenshots have

Idaho State University faces fine for losing plutonium

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images A US university faces a fine of $8,500 (£6,280) for apparently losing a small amount of weapons-grade plutonium.The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said Idaho State University is unable to account for 1 gram (0.03oz) of the material.The plutonium is used in reactors and to make nuclear bombs but the NRC says the amount missing is too small to make a nuclear weapon.The university says

Exeter University: ‘Why I revealed my friends’ racist WhatsApp messages’

[ad_1] Image copyright Satchit Srikanth Image caption Arsalan Motavali says he has no regrets about his decision to go public with the "vile" WhatsApp messages "It went from crude humour to racial slurs. Awful things were said about rape. Every group was targeted."Exeter University student Arsalan Motavali is talking about the WhatsApp group he was in with fellow members of the university's law society."[The messages] started to get progressively worse

Exeter university students expelled over racist comments

[ad_1] Image copyright University of Exeter Image caption When the investigation was launched the university said it was "committed to eradicating" any discrimination and harassment A number of law students have been expelled from the University of Exeter over allegations of racism.An internal investigation was launched in March after "vile" comments from Bracton law society's WhatsApp group were shared on social media.Those involved received expulsions, suspensions and other sanctions, according

Buckingham University aims to be UK’s ‘first drug-free campus’

[ad_1] Image copyright Google Image caption Buckingham University has not yet set a date for when it will introduce the contracts A university is to ask students to sign contracts promising not to take drugs on its property in a bid to become Britain's first drug-free campus. Buckingham University vice-chancellor Sir Anthony Seldon said institutions were "failing students on drugs".As reported in the Sunday Times, the number of UK students